Torn Emotions

January 24, 2017
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My feet pad against the ground as I race down the alley.
I can hear it coming.
I try to scream,
nothing comes out.
It growls at me.
I stop to look at it.
My heart is racing 100 miles per second.
It’s ugly teeth curve into a demonic smile.
I close my eyes.
“You can do this.” I tell myself.
I step towards it and tell it to go away.
It doesn’t listen.
A tear slides down my face.
Its claws dig deep into my chest.
I can’t do anything about it.
It’s only an emotion.
it’s no use.
I open my heavy lids.
I stare deep into its pitch black eyes .
I push it away from me.
I stumble back.“GO AWAY!” I scream.

It growls then disappears into the cold black night.
I defeated it.
I know now that I can control my emotions.
Even Anger.

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