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January 24, 2017
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Score is 29-30

Bombers are down by 1
Playing in a old gym
With the smell of must, sweat, and hard work
Lake City Tigers are our rivals
We have never beat Lake City before 
Nick passes it to Rhett
Rhett lobs it up to the post, Kade
Which Kade passes back out to Luke
He drains a 3
The sound of the ball going through the net
Nothing but net

About 20 sec left
They bring up the ball and give it to number 1
Kade is playing all out D on number 1
He is there best player
Number 1 passes the ball and makes a v cut
Kade loses his traction
His shoes give out
And he falls
Number 1 gets the ball
He shoots
Clank, clank, clank
The  ball bounces a couple of times on the rim
And it falls just short
As the ball falls down
All the bombers on the court try there hardest to get the ball
But the Lake City’s post is about the biggest dude on the court
While the bombers are trying their hardest to get the ball
The ball just falls right into their biggest guy on the team
He grabs the ball like a animal
And makes an easy layup
5 sec left
All tied up (32-32)
Kade rebounds the ball
Brings it out and throws it into Rhett’s hands
The other team is full court pressing
Every body is super nervous
You can just feel the tension in the air
Everybody in the crowd are out of their seats
As Rhett is working his tail off trying to escape a trap
He sees someone in black and white down the court
And Rhett knew that he was on our team
Because the other team is orange and black
Rhett chucks up the ball
And hits nick square in the hands
Nick goes up for a easy bunny
And he misses
But there was a foul


Nick gets 2 free shots
.3 sec remaining in the game
If Nick hits these then the game is over we win
Nick gets the ball
Sweat dripping, huffing and puffing
He shoots
He bricks the first shot
Everybody in the crowd moans and grunts.
C’mon Nick
Says everybody in the crowd and the Bomber bench
As he gets his second shot
The gym gets super quiet
Not one word
The shot goes up
Everybody goes insane, crowds are cheering loud
Bench runs out on the court and congratulate Nick
As the bomber team shakes hands with Lake city
We all know that we are going to have to play these guys all through high school.
And we all know that this was just the beginning of a long journey ahead.

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