The Walk to John Burch Park

January 24, 2017
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                                       The Walk to John Burch Park

Imagining the bright lights
The crowd all huddled up in warm gear
Waiting for the players to show up
The air is a little sharp
The football field is still as it waits to be torn up

Slide on the slick black pants
Strap on the bulky shoulder pads
Slip into the shiny red uniforms
Secure the straps on the  helmet
The locker room smelling of sweat and blood
Everyone waits with anticipation
Not a single work is spoken
Cleats in hand walking one by one
Coaches lead us through the halls onto the narrow bus
We sit in silence
Remembering all of the practices
Knowing that all of the hard work put in will pay off
Imagining a win
Making that game winning touchdown catch
Tons of fans screaming and shouting
Your uniform covered with sweat
Looking up at the scoreboard seeing the bright luminous lights
Broken up by the squeaky brakes of the bus
Players exiting the bus one by one
Tieing up the cleats
Feeling the smooth laces slip through your fingertips
Hearing the coaches talk about the plan
Standing with a nervous twitch
Walking down the dark cemented path
Hearing the click of the cleats
Walking through the gates receiving high fives from young wannabes
Stepping onto the fresh cut grass
Smelling the hot dogs on the grill
Warming up with your teammates
Feeling the smooth grip of the football
Stretching out the soreness from the practice before
Lining up for the nation’s song
Helmet in one hand, other over the heart
Hearing the echo of the band
Lightfully singing the song
Looking across the field at the tough looking opponent
Walking across and shaking the hands
Feeling the sticky gloves as the hands meet
The team gathers in a huddle
Screaming and shouting getting each other pumped up
The team echoes all through John Burch Park
The football is blown up with the roars from the team and fans
The night is dark
The cool autumn weather brings a chilly breeze

Lining up for opening kickoff
Crowd roaring and hollering
Everybody on their feet
The whistle pierces through the ears of the players
The kicker runs up and kicks the ball
A loud thud as the ball soars through the air
Thinking about all of the preparation and practice
All of the blood, sweat, and tears
Everything on the line
Knowing that all of the hard work
All of the long practices in the hot sun
Running those 40 yard dashes when you are exhausted
Lifting the heavy weight in the weightroom
Icing up your bruised filled body
Being covered in sweat after each practice
Studying the opposing team's game film from the game before
Feeling the nerves before the game 
Blood rushing through your body
Everything on the line
All of the work you have put in
Will show on the football field at John Burch Park


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