Race Against Time

January 24, 2017
By , Harleysville, PA

For one hour, you get ready.
For seven hours, you go to school.
You spend an hour in a car or a bus
And you somehow end up spending seven hours on homework
And studying
And taking naps
And doing chores
And eating
And doing more homework
And going to sports practices.
For eight hours, you go to sleep
(Although that never really happens)
And then you get old
And school is replaced by college
Or a job
And homework is replaced by more homework
Or taking care of your kids.
Naps never go away
And neither do the chores
Or the eating.
You go on a vacation here or there
But you spend your life at home,
Going through the same routine,
Your life on a continuous loop.
One day when you’re old and dying
You realize that you never got the chance to be happy
And do the things you always dreamed of doing as a kid.
Life was just a race against time
And you lost.

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