Life Lived Well

January 23, 2017
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Listen to my breaths.
Can you hear my lungs aching?
They’re tired, you see –
Catching up with my shaking.

My head is too stern,
Reaching up to understand;
It leaps up the city walk,
Drowning on dry land.

Please ignore my heart.
It’s much too vulnerable;
Strings the world on its back,
And ignores its own wobble.

Now my whole body is sick,
But it is not unhappy.
Merely tired and distracted,
And very much too sappy.

My wisdom is a burden,
Undressing layered heartache
And pressing me for time,
Still I give more than I take.

I wouldn’t live another way,
Just to feel carefree.
My body raw with purpose
Because I asked my God to help me.

He made me feel
When I felt dull.
He made my head see clearly.

Life’s fear and chase
Now only Invigorate –
I know my God is with me.

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