Presence of Prejudice, Absence of Prestige

January 23, 2017
By Ahngolah BRONZE, Mount Airy, Maryland
Ahngolah BRONZE, Mount Airy, Maryland
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Presence of Prejudice, Absence of Prestige
By: Angela

Your eye cannot deny
This vision laid before you
Attention taken
A scene shouting
They are colors that earn your admiration
They turned a dull, white canvas
Into a vibrant creation
It is diverse and beautiful
But some hues are shy
They’ve been smudged and trampled over
By domineering shades
They are mistaken
As unsuitable
Should be a melting pot
But not all will stir
Paint fought
Labels still held after decades
See? Recognize the distress
Hiding between all that pride
Because on the inside
Most have less
Less attention and respect paid
They do not have a flashy position
Or in other cases
They painted a path
Too bright and bold
It does not conform
To a more realistic mission
The bandwagon’s norm
But when you listen to
Each and every pigment
How it sings where it places
And contributes to those around it
Can you not find
That they all share a tint
Of gold?
Even just a little bit
Because every kind
Any hue
Tiny or grand
It has value
That you should understand

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