Lone Wolf

January 23, 2017
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His paws thud against the ground.
He heard them coming
frightened as he was he ran
deep into the forest.
Deeper and deeper.
The more he went in the more lonelier he felt.
He needed a friend in the world.
Wanted his pack.
He whined.
they got closer.
Suddenly the leader burst through the trees.
He growled at the traitor.
He crept closer to the alpha.
he licked his chin, begging for forgiveness.
low to the ground, ears back, and tail between his legs.
The alpha growled an intense growl.
Daring him to come closer.
As much as he begged and pleaded,
the leader would not give in.
He backed away and hung his head low.
‘I’m sorry,’ he thought.He turned around and ran.

Away from the pack, away from his family.

The pack chased after him making sure that he left.
As he left the boundaries he felt empty.
He went deep within the trees.
He howled a deep, lonely, sad, howl.
He sang his song deep into the night.

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