seasonal sensations

January 23, 2017

 Seasonal Sensations

Can anything be as lovely as nature?
And the beautiful simplicity of the green trees
that tower over you
acting like a shield from the sun.
And as you make your way outside
you will notice
the sun trying to peek through the trees above you.
The  bright green grass glistens in the sun.
Listen and you will hear 
the distant sounds
of the beautiful birds whistling .
And the humming of the bees
as they dart through the thin air around you.
The bright blazing lemon sun
is always out and shining.
Each sunset that marks the end to a beautiful day,
is never the same
but always as lovely.

The wind gently blows the leaves off
the bright Autumn trees
One by one,
one by one,
one by one,
leaving the trees branches bare against the cold wind.
The colors of the leaves ranges
from red to golden orange
as they fall to the ground,
beautiful but dead.
They lie there waiting to be stepped on
by the next person walking by
or picked up by the cold wind
and blown through the crisp fall air.
There's a certain beauty in the death fall brings.
You can find it through
the leaves that fall to the ground so gracefully,
like they are falling in love
with the end of their journey. .
Or through the way the wind
creates a gentle breeze that
carefully brushes against your cheeks.
Fall proves that there can be beauty
in death.

The bright white snow
gently kisses the naked trees
and everything else it lands on.
The snow carefully covers up
the world's imperfections
as it falls from the sky.
Everywhere you look you see kids filled with joy
as they play in the snow making snowmen.
Inside as the fire burns and fills your home with warmth,
the empty, bitter sky hangs with a sense of gloom.
The birds no longer chirp and sing
as sounds begin to quiet and calm down.

Flowers are blooming
everywhere you look
ready to show their beauty to the world.
Bright colors escape from the long winter
as nature springs up all around
The buds begin to show the revival of the trees.
The fresh air surrounds you
As you walk through the newly cut grass
on your way to take one a brand new day.

Beauty can be found anywhere.
Take a step outside
and really notice the things around you.
Do you notice each season’s different take on beauty?

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