Foreign Intruders

January 25, 2017

Is it odd they come for freedom, 

when freedom is at least.

For even our own citizens

turn the other cheek.

They come to escape the fighting,

these "foreigners" do indeed.

But what greets them is the most horrible figth of all...

...The one for equality.




and religious equality too.

They see their second chances,

but this chance may be their last.

Join the fight,

they'll help us.

So we will ALL die trying,

though definitely not as result of brutality

(and some may die just from that),

They will die of natural causes...

...This fight turning them blue.

They left because of a fight,

and entered a bigger one here.

For those we call "Foreign Invaders" and "Terrorists"

Are our allies in our own war,

but they aid our fight,

started here,

fought here,

ending here,

Ending NOW!

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