linus: an ode to the adventurous

January 25, 2017
By Lord.of.Words SILVER, Cupertino, California
Lord.of.Words SILVER, Cupertino, California
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"The harder you work, the luckier you get." -Gary Player

the bell is the savior
of students pouring from classrooms
flooding the hallways with noise
he darts through the crowds
past the harry potter fangirls
past the popular squad
down the street
across the intersection
(forgets to yell thank you to the crossing guard)
sprints up the incline of the bridge
3:07 pm
and suddenly
his legs are dangling over the edge
forty feet from three o’clock traffic
his left hand is gripping the cold metal railing
his right hand is pressed against the warm concrete
it is a reminder of the earth’s presence
a reminder that gravity exists
and he is well aware that,
if he falls,
all will end;
but it's okay:
he swings his feet,
enjoying the rush of the wind,
his left hand gripping the cold metal railing
his right hand warm with the heartbeat of the earth

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