January 25, 2017

Birthdays Birthdays

So much fun

Here to bring joy 

To the one

The one who was birthed

On this day

Yes let's go and celebrate


I'm on my way

Oh here I come

I'm bringing balloons

So we'll have fun


I know you're sick 

So very ill

Hooked to machines

So Death can't kill


Almost there 

I'll be there soon

I'll sing you the 

Happy birthday tune


I walk through 

These shining halls

Nurses and doctors 

Parading along 


I found your room

But yet you see

Nurses and doctors 



It seems that I'm

Too late you see


Time is a race 

And Death beat me


I say goodbye

Now lifeless and dull


I walk out 

With no one to hold

These dumb balloons 

Hold down my soul


I throw them out

My heart feels cold 


I hate birthdays 

It made her old


This was the day 

That she grew old

On this day

Death has stole


My only love 

Who made me whole 

I hate this day


It stole my mom.

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