Broken Glass

January 25, 2017
By , Clarkston, MI

Over winter break with the snow falling

our Christmas tree was up
and the smell of gingerbread filling the air

I called my sister downstairs
to ask her to make me lunch
I couldn’t tell what was more monstrous
my sisters lioness hair or the whalesong of our stomachs 

While waiting for my appetite to be tamed
I spun like a tornado with my new
Mickey Mouse snow globe in hand
even though I was told not to play with it
the snow falling on the figure behind the glass mesmerized me

The snowglobe flew from my tiny hands
I was in tears before it hit the floor
the glass dangerously shattered
into a thousand little pieces

My sister ran over
with worry and fear mixed in her eyes
Questioning what happened
when she saw tears running down my face

My dad heard the booming crash
and ran to our aid
when he entered the room
He saw shards of broken glass and the figurine spread all over the floor

As I confessed to my accidental crime
His face turned bright red with fury
“I thought I told you not to play with that” he yelled
“Now you don’t have a snowglobe anymore!”

At the sight of my hot tears running down my face
My sister clenched her fists tightly
Ready to defend me like a mamma bear protecting her cub.
As she always does when I get upset

My dad started picking up the broken glass
while my sister hugged me tight
As he looked up at his girls
the anger in his face started to disappear
He didn’t look so mad anymore.

He came over to hug us tightly, saying that it was okay.
In that moment, we all knew that
Not even broken glass can tear this family apart.

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