The Rose Colored Home In His Heart

January 25, 2017

There once was a house,
Inside a man’s heart
That was built with rose colored glass
Inside was a chair, one wine glass,
A pillow
And a bouquet of lilacs
That he picked from the garden
For her

One day she moved in,
To the home in his heart,
Carrying a suitcase
Of devotion

She unpacked her things,
Her clothes and her shoes,
Her makeup and paintings,
And her music and books
Then there were two chairs,
Two pillows, two wine glasses
In a rose colored home
In his heart

She painted for hours
And he tended to his flowers
The lilacs were in full bloom
They swam in the sun,
And danced on the moon,
And bathed in the colors
Of what would be

And when he kissed her
Butterflies flew
Right into her mouth
And soared through her veins
And fluttered in her stomach,
Whenever he looked her way,
Or held her hand
So delicately

Blinded by love,
He wore a pair
Of rose colored glasses
And all he could see
Was her

So on one purple night,
He got down on one knee
And told her he wanted forever

He’d never loved
Someone so much
That he could barely breathe
Without her
She made the rain pour into the sky
And flowers bloomed by her feet
With her, a blind man could see
The stars could switch places
And the sky could change colors

They married in September
So they could remember
Summer turning to Fall
But with the chilled weather,
The butterflies caught a cold,
The lilacs took one last breath
And hid under a thick sheet of snow

Winter made her sad,
So from memories of July
She painted the lilacs
On a vacant canvas
With seven shades of violet
For him
She showed him the painting
And he said it was good
But good wasn’t enough,

And January was slow,
And it was then that she knew,
That she needed to go

In the pit of her stomach
Was that horrible feeling
Because she knew all the butterflies
Were gone

She was feeling upset,
So to suppress the regret,
She drank from both wine glasses
One night

Wrath broke through her skin
Because she couldn’t find
The butterflies within
That used to soar
Through her rose colored veins
In his presence

He told her to stop
But she gulped it all down
The last butterfly drowned
And she cracked

The colors flew out
Of her broken heart
But she couldn’t catch them
To shove them back in
And look at him
The same as before

She stomped on the lilacs
In their little garden
And watched as his tears
Flooded the rest of the flowers
Because the butterflies still breathed
In his heart
I don’t want to be with you anymore, she said
And the little house trembled
She smashed the windows
In the home of his heart
And the rose colored glass

She threw drunken fists
At the man who was once made of bricks
But crumbled as if he were made of sand

I don’t love you anymore, she said
His heart cracked in two,
The little home split in half,
All the rose colored furniture,
The two chairs, the two pillows,
And the two wine glasses
Fell into the emptiness
Of what would never be again

She was the breath
That kept him alive
The blood in his veins
And the light in his eyes
She put the tint
In his rose colored gaze
And sent him into
The lilac scented haze
Of the hopeless romantic,
He was

But in his hands
She turned to sand
And through his fingers she slipped
Into the abyss
Where the broken-hearted swim
In the tears of lost love
For they can't see above
The surface

He cried and he cried
For the love that they had
Because without her,
The colors would drain
Right out of the sky
The soulful tears of rain
Would never be cried
The sun would burn out
The butterflies would die
The dreamers would doubt
The flowers wouldn't thrive
The stars wouldn’t shine
Ever again

Because without her,
Nothing would survive,
In the home in his heart,
Where bleeding words,
Stained all the colors
Of what was

Because without her,
He was homeless.

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