January 25, 2017
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Take the mirror away from me, for is the way I point out my flaws. Take the mirror away for me, because when I look at myself I Point out everything that is wrong with me. It's taunting me to believe what you say is a lie. Take away the mirror because it tells me bad things. Take it away because it tells me things like "you're too ugly to wear that" "you're too fat for that" "no one likes a whale as a friend" "no one wants to be around you" "no one likes you" The mirror is ruthless to its victim. Take it away because I'm sadly the new victim. It's taking hold of me dragging me down with every word that's said to me. Take the mirror away because I don't believe what good things to say to me anymore because of the ruthless mirror. Take away the mirror because it's my new personal being of torment. So please, I beg you, take away the damn mirror…

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Kintina said...
Feb. 11 at 12:10 am
Baby I love you!Kids are cruel and mean!You are a beautiful person and have a great personality!Don't let those bullies pull you down!They just don't know what's in your heart and how beautiful you really are!You are an amazing young lady,I love you Love,your step mom
PFJlife said...
Feb. 10 at 5:34 pm
You should look at the mirror more often because it doesn't ever lie, you are beautiful and it's not the mirror that's dragging you down it's the outsiders. The outsiders do not know you and will never have the privilege of being in your beautiful world. They will never know the true beauty or the friendship of Raynetheturtle.
Candyk said...
Feb. 10 at 3:59 pm
So many young girls need to see and HEAR these words! I don't know you but beauty is the person you are inside and shines through. Never let that Damn mirror tell you otherwise. Such a lovely poem. Beautiful GOD BLESS
PolicE GirL said...
Feb. 10 at 2:44 pm
Best friend. Keep your head high and ignore those that are negative around you. Your beauty is beyond compare. There are so many that love you. Their words may hurt but they will only hurt for a second. You have to be strong enough to ignore them. I want u to do something. Get a box and on the lid (and anyone is free to do so) put a thing of sticky notes and a pen and every day I will text u something I want u to wright on a sticky note and put it in that box. And on the back of the sticky note ... (more »)
Rayne_leighAnn replied...
Feb. 10 at 3:00 pm
Awwww best friend I love you so much. Thank you
Hmt_18 said...
Feb. 10 at 10:47 am
This was amazing ❣️ However, you're beautiful both inside and out and so very many people see it. More so than not. You're a light in this sick, dark world. Never stop shining. ✨ - Haley
Rayne_leighAnn replied...
Feb. 10 at 2:58 pm
Thank you so much hun
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