Dead Silence

January 25, 2017
By , NY, NY

4 men dressed in blue
Clean blue uniforms everywhere
Masks tied up
Hair is covered
The doors open and the wheels roll down the hall
A screaming child
He doesn’t look like a child anymore
His body is covered in his blood
You can see his heart
Pumping too fast
The machines are beeping
Still going
Running down the hallway
The noise is too loud to bare
The men in blue screaming at each other
A pager is taken out and more men show up
Through the double doors into a new blue and white room
Shiny tools soon not so shiny and clean anymore
The room is clean but the blue men are red
7 hands inside the body
Push 1 of Epi
Sobbing and sobbing
The crying stops and the room goes silent
Time of death 11:52

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