Mind Games

January 25, 2017
By Rosalie18 BRONZE, Moonachie, New Jersey
Rosalie18 BRONZE, Moonachie, New Jersey
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You bring me into a never ending dream that I can't wake up from
Your heart is as dark as your soul, yet I can't shake you from my mind
The thought of you lights up my body like fireworks, but tears my heart in half
Your eyes are blue diamonds that lead to your complicated mind, yet I can’t shake you from my mind 

Your warm personality pulls me closer, yet your sick, twisted mind messes with my head
I am infatuated with the memory of you, yet it's to complicated to be together
Your neglectful actions brought on nights of endless crying, yet I can't shake you from my mind
My passionate heart opened to you, yet you cut it up with shards of glass  

Your heartfelt words of “I love you” drew me in, yet I knew they were unfaithful lies
My tender heart is what got your attention
You knew how fragile I  was, yet you took that to your advantage
Now cold wet tears drop from my eyes as you slowly walk away

You're a selfish little boy who’s only intention was to fracture my heart
Oh young love, free falling at first but heart ripping in the end
The cherished memories remain in my mind, yet the pain still rips at my heart
I can’t shake you from my mind

The author's comments:

This is about my ex boyfriend who has hurt me. 

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