plumber goes down the toilet

January 25, 2017
By Anonymous

On Tuesday March second A local plumber who works for Jack’s plumbing was reported climbing out of a storm drain in downtown Ann Arbor.  Josh, the plumber claims to have been working on a toilet in a house in dexter while a pipe burst and had so much suction that it sucked him down the pipe sending him through the sewer system.  Josh says that he was stuck in the “nasty” sewer system for 2 days trying to find a way out.  While crawling through the tight tunnels with rats and spiders he came upon a storm drain and climbed the ladder to then move the 100 pound drain cover.  Pedestrians walking down the street say they saw Josh climb out of the drain and lay down as he starving and dehydrated, 911 was called and Josh was taken to the hospital and is healthy again with no major injuries.  The family who was having their toilets worked on reported Josh missing as he was not in the house and all of his tools and truck was still at their house.  Jack’s plumbing service was notified that Josh was nowhere to be found and they hadn’t heard from him so they figured he got upset, left the job and quit so nobody made a big deal about the whole thing.  The plumbing company is investigating how this may have happened but as of right now there is no explanation the this incident.  “This is a first for the plumbing industry and hopefully the last” says Jack’s plumbing.  Josh was questioned about the incident and says “I think i’m going to try and find a new profession after this, it has to be the worst thing that i have ever had to go through”.  A man going down a toilet pipe seems to be impossible, but somehow it happened.

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