Our School System

January 25, 2017
By , Dexter, MI

Our school system is screwed. From day one, get on that bus, walk in a single file line, no talking. Write this, add that, multiply this, square root that. Now run around this circle 5280 feet for a time. No you can’t choose your partner it’s chosen for you. No you can’t choose your seat, or who you sit by… it’s once again chosen for you. We’re all robots. We fall under the rule of a power above us. But not out of our control. Even teachers. We blame them for our learning suffering. But in reality, it’s not their fault. Yes, they can present it certain ways, but in the big picture, if a kid isn’t interested he/she won’t retain the information presented. Again I blame that on the power above us, but not out of our control. Teachers don’t make jack s*** for money, yet they try to give us the best possible opportunities for learning. They’re told what to do. And the people who tell them… the government. Just another way to control us. We have the power to change this. But in over a hundred years nothing about schooling has drastically changed. Our world has. Our lives have. The way we conduct ourselves has. But, we can change that. Each and everyone of us has a different learning style. But according to the power above us we need to just sit in a classroom and take notes, on occasion a lab. Why not go out, and get a job you are interested in and learn it early, that way you aren’t just thrown into the real world. Why not learn how to have proper manners. How to earn a living. How to write a check, balance a checking account, and do taxes. Instead, add this, write that, multiply this, square root that. Instead of things that are actually important in our world, we have to learn about ancient Chinese history. Why isn’t that a choice? How is that actually useful in our culture? We are robots. Instead of sitting here twiddling our thumbs doing the same ole s*** nobody likes, why don’t we take a stand so the kids in grades below us actually have a chance of learning in school? Why do we sit back and wait for change? We need to be the change. We need to not let others control our lives. It’s depressing how we complain and complain and complain but don’t do a damn thing about it.This is supposed to be a free country. So the power should be in the people. But is it really in us? It should be. We have it. But we don’t use it. Let’s be the change. Let’s actually do something with our lives. Don’t just do the same thing we’ve been doing forever. Do something you want to do. Not what others want. The government can’t control us the way they do. But we let them. And that needs to end.

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