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February 3, 2017
By Maddyson_H BRONZE, Duncan, South Carolina
Maddyson_H BRONZE, Duncan, South Carolina
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I am the Arlington Cemetery,
Filled with the bodies of our fallen,
And the flowers from the people they left behind.

I am the tears rolling down the cheek of a child,
Stinging and burning leaving a trail of wet.

I am the prison cell of a murderer,
Having to live with the guilt of every death he caused.

I am the lonely alcoholic,
Stomach warm with the intoxication of his drink,
Sitting in the bar contemplating his life choices.

I am the wooden coffin of a cancer patient,
Slowly being lowered into the Earth,
While everyone is thinking that he was so close to survival.

I am the single mother quietly crying alone in her room,
Too scared to tell her child that she lost her job,
That she can no longer provide enough for her.

The author's comments:

I did this piece for an assignment in my creative writing class. We were to take an abstract term and create a poem about it using concrete terms.

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