Ever Present Warmth

February 3, 2017

 As a million people crowd around you in sadness,
You still manage to radiate light
With the power of a billion suns.
In your rest, they hesitantly plod about
As if fearing rousing you out of sleep.
Do they not know your sleep is one
That cannot be disturbed?
Tears will no longer coat the sweet
Surface of your face.
Now the stillness of your body rivals
Even the most peaceful sleeper
And the dreamlessness of your slumber
Is able to be verified by only God himself.
The paleness of your skin
Seems to attest to the depth of your rest,
So not many people reach out to touch you
As the peacefulness of your state
Inspires an unfamiliarity without equal.
I don’t reach out either
Because of nervousness from a time
When your heart still beat
And the butterflies that flew about in my belly
Fluttered to new heights in the heavy air.
While everything signals finality,
My mind cannot fathom an end.
The permanence of the situation
Fails to go without a somber tone,
But the pictures serve their purpose
As people smile at the sight of your own.
And while your body may be cold,
The warmth of your presence fills the room.

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