one nine seven three

February 3, 2017
By Twixey BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
Twixey BRONZE, Culpeper, Virginia
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one nine seven three my body became free before my body ever lived and when i feel my freedom slipping away my heart is ripped out my chest and notice that i say MY body MY freedom MY heart MY chest it is almost like these things belong to me it almost like i own something and its almost like i demand respect and its almost like i dont care what you think i dont care what you say nobody can control me i am not a doll i am not plastic i am living breathing beautiful and i can make decisions and you cannot decide for me i am a woman yes and i have a voice and the women before me fought too hard for me to submit and i wont submit and i wont stop at the mercy of your thoughts because those are your thoughts these are mine and when someone attacks my right when someone expects me to stay mute i will meet them with screams i will meet them with anger and i will not stop i will not quit this is a revolution from my soul my gender will not determine my worth and your power will not determine my life i am me not you not an establishment no man no system no body will ever control me when you tell me to be quiet when you tell me to sit down when you tell me to shut up you are telling me to stay silent you are telling me you dont care you are telling me i dont matter and i do and if that scares you if i scare you if youre feeling small because i am finding my big i am oh so sorry that you are experiencing a lick of oppression my life is not up for grabs i am not up for grabs my rights are not up for grabs and i know some people get uncomfortable when i speak out or when i show no fear to bring attention to injustice but i would rather have whats right tattooed across my forehead than to leave anyone guessing.

The author's comments:

This free verse came to me when I was in a state of mind that my rights as a young woman were being challenged. I hope this poem inspires others to always stand up for what's right, and for other girls to know that they are not worth less because of their gender.

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