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Pillars of the Sky This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

They're all scared.

They're all terrified.

But they're still holding up the skies.

They're all still too brave.


One is cloaked

in her own type of darkness,

and has her own little Persephone,

golden and smiling and delicate.

And she's holding the blackness,

the demons, their horrible dreams,

she's holding it at bay.

Because nothing will touch that light.


Another is drowning

in a sea she once ruled over,

but she's still kicking, still fighting

for she is holding

an extra head above the waves.

And she gasping, dragging air into her lungs,

but still swimming.

Because no one else will be lost to the current.


And one more still is falling

from the clouds,

the ones she used to fly through,

because she gave up her wings

to the one she was carrying.

She is awaiting the inevitable,

because she has long since


beneath the weight of the sky.


One is keeping war

from the ones she holds dear,

Another is fighting the war

for the ones she loves.

And one more has fought,

and won,

at her own price.


They're all scared.

They're all terrified.

But they are willing to hold up the sky.

They are to be pillars,

and they will do as they must.

And when the sky falls,

when Atlas tumbles from his post,

they will rise to the challenge.

They are rising to hold up the heavens.

They have long since caught the heights.

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