Where I'm From

February 3, 2017
By , Oconomowoc, WI

I used to be from five lakes,
All Great, glistening, and glaucous
“the only happiness
I thought I saw.”
Now I’m from brats, beers, and Badgers.
From the countryside corn, to the urban standard norm.
I used to be from sunshine, and happier days,
where my thoughts and worries drifted away.

Now I’m from a day worse than the last,
where my worries and fears aren't in the past.
I used to be from two keepers of three treasures,
two girls and a boy whom received no displeasure.
Now I’m from a deal of sorrow,
where we will see no greater tomorrow.
I’m no longer happy, it’s no longer sunny
I left my family behind, I live with no money.
I think of what my life could’ve been
If I would have just stayed in Michigan.

I used to be from laughs and giggles,
when I was young I wiggled.
Now I am from tears and heartbreak,
My life must be an earthquake.
I used to be from a whole,
now I feel nothing with my heart and soul.
The sun doesn’t shine in the shade,
I had a bright life, from where I used to be.

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