Where I'm From

February 3, 2017
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I am from a father,
humorous, handy, and helpful.
One who understands me,
has an unexplainable hatred of shopping malls like me, and believes in me.
One who would come home after an exhausting day
and still crave the cool, crisp air crashing through our local disc golf course,
just to spend time with his son.

I am from a mother,
careful, caring, and comical.
One who is religious,
yet won’t attend church.
One who puts an end to poorly planned adventures,
Yet formulates one more grand.
One who protects her family,
and remains vulnerable herself.

I am from a brother,
relatable, rational, and reactive.
One who’s exposed to the same culture as me,
one I can converse about the latest Overwatch update with.
One who will listen to what I say,
and understands what I mean.
One who exuberates irritance,
but only temporarily.

I am from a sister,
tactful, trendy, and my twin.
One who is outgoing in school,
and mastered being an introvert at home.
One who has her genius moments,
occasionally masked by underthought remarks.

They are from a son, brother, and friend.
Adventurous, acknowledging, and accepting.
One who would rather be outside,
throwing plastic at a chain basket
One who’s passionate about what he does,
puts maximum effort into what he loves.
The final piece of our family tree,
a tree so strong,
no others are stronger than we.

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