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February 3, 2017
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I am from bows, beautiful dresses,
and bubblegum pink.
I am from princesses and make-believe.
Sparkles and glitter leaving lanky, lingering trails.
I am from the mermaid Scarlett
who spent days swimming under the glimmering,
gigantic, glorious summer sun in 2006.

I am from ballet slippers and pointe shoes.
From eight hour rehearsals with classes,
Monday through Friday six to nine, and Saturdays from nine to noon.
Spending 10 p.m. exhausting nights and early, eager mornings at the studio—
my daily routine (instead of going to the movies with my friends).
I am from Milwaukee Ballet,
whose stage taught me to get up more times than I fall, mistakes
create memorable achievements, and life’s magic expressed through
love, passion, and honesty.
I am from the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts’ stage
performing 12 years of The Nutcracker.

I am from Firework ice cream at Wholly Cow,
strawberry and sweet with a little sassy pop of Pop Rocks.
I am from Sunday family night dinners,
hot home-cooked meals, and loving family.
I am from dreams of becoming a pediatrician.
Not being afraid of failing courses, showing up late
or lacking information to make a judgment call in my residency,
but putting in work to learn from these challenges.

I am from a future mini-me
dressed in bows, beautiful dresses
and bubblegum pink.
I am from hopeful sunny, seventy-five lake days
with my three children and husband.
I am from make-believe fantasies that will become
a reality.

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