Where I'm From

February 3, 2017

I am from
a little brick house in a quiet town,
with a brother and two parents that love and raise me.
Church on Sundays, floral dresses and brunch with Grandma.
Off-road weekends with family and friends, dust and trucks.
A quarry and woods I explored with childhood friends, we were sure it was the whole world.
Growing up with boys and summer nights with the neighborhood kids.
All the cities, states, and countries I have ever traveled to,
because each one brought me closer to my family and friends.
A cabin up north, fireworks on the fourth of July and my birthday,
barbeque chicken and lake days with dad.
My childhood.

I am from
a high school,
two white shoes jumping, flipping, bouncing.
A uniform, worn under Friday night lights and on competition mats.
A uniform incomplete without a smile, white bow, and two glittery poms.
A sport that taught me more lessons than anyone else had,
to stand up for myself, smile through the pain, and always keep going.
Two cleats racing down the turf, trying to make it to the goal.
Two cleats enduring practice in 90 degrees with laughing teammates.
Summer nights, best friends. Driving and singing until our throats hurt.
Pool parties, all-nighters, ice cream, movies, and breakups.
Boys we swear every time are “the one.”
High school and best friends.

I am from
making mistakes, and learning that
procrastination isn’t key, you can’t keep everyone in your life forever,
to move on from bad things, and to spend time with your family.
Travelling and seeing and trying new things, always looking for adventure and excitement.
Learning through other places, people, and about myself.

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