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February 3, 2017
By s.ml.10 SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
s.ml.10 SILVER, Nashotah, Wisconsin
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I am from weekend ski trips filled with laughter and car rides in our white Land Cruiser.
From screaming Ein Prosit before family dinners.
I am from a family with secrets but so much more love.
Moving and moving and moving to find our dream home that makes me cry everytime I think about leaving in a year.
I am from crawling in bed with mom when the thunder booms,
and the power goes out.
From travel and the bags of pretzels I can't wait to swallow.
I am from being told “no” when I want to be told “yes.”

I am from lake days and sun burns.
Ice cream runs because I need that chocolate shake from Culvers. 
I am from ice skates, saunas, swimming pools and-
cousins acting like siblings.
I am from green and gold Sunday afternoons,
screaming, trying to change the score
though Grandpa knows he can't. 
Taking turns doing the laundry, because no one wants to do it.

I am from a brother with down syndrome who taught me how to love so much
that my heart aches. 
5am wake up calls from my furry labradoodle.
I am from “you can do anything you want with your life,”
“put your mind to it and you can have it,” and
“live your life how you want to live.”

I am from prayers.
I am from family.
I am me.

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