Where I'm From

February 3, 2017

I am from a family of six
of which there is four boys.
I am from a family of 24
of which support me by helping me when I need, and make fun of me when I fumble my words.
I am from a family of “Don’t do that,” “Great job,” and “Be confident”
of which my parents raised me by.

I’m from my broken back,
from where my life paused.
I’m from chainsaws humming and trees falling,
from where my summer went like working a 40 hour week job.
I’m from the sugar cookies
from where my mom made once a week that made the house smell like spring awakening the rose flowers in the front porch.

I am from the hugs
that Grandma gave like a bear.
I am from the comfort and caringness
that my peers expressed.
I am from the car rides
that I lived through to get to the cottage.

I am from these moments,
that my life has set
and turned me into who I am now.

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