Where I'm From

February 3, 2017

I am from ballet shoes, from grace and perfection.
I am from the yellow bricks, from the silo I saw from my bedroom window.
I am from the green grass that doesn’t grow, the weak, yellow blades, threatening to cut my feet.

I am from Sunday dinners with my family and love that is present.
I am from family picnics to blowing out candles on my birthday.
I am from camping trips and hikes in summer.

I am from Catholic roots, from church on sunday and praying before dinner.
I am from the midnight mass on Christmas Eve and the cross marked on my forehead on Ash Wednesday.
I am from the a god who loves me, from the psalms in church.

I am from music in my mind and in my heart, from the guitar on my lap and sheet music I read.
I am from the flute that sits on my bottom lip, and the keys on a piano that touch my fingertips.
I am from a family who loves and music that relates.

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