Where I'm From

February 3, 2017
By , Lisbon , WI

I am from Milwaukee, and from a house with my family and
with a yard and a fence, I can smell the fresh cut grass.
I am from a school with diversity,
where I knew the majority but part of a minority, hard to make friends.

I am from Hartland, and from an apartment complex with my family. My neighbors closer to us than at my old house.
I am from a place where the community tied together, people help in a time of need
I am from a school with less diversity but I also meet new friends.

I am from Hartland and in a duplex with my family. Neighbors on the other side of our walls, the house divided in the middle.
I am from a place where kids play football and go to practice to get ready for games.
I am from a school where I have fun with my friends, and have time to do what I want.

  I am from Lisbon and in a house with a family. 
I am from a town where the neighbors,
  know each other to a degree.
I am from a place with high school football and a school jam packed students.

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