Mother Nature

February 2, 2017
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She is calm, like the sea breeze,

Gentle, subtle,

And warm on my cheeks.


She is the kiss of the wind

On my exposed skin,

A soft touch against

My bare forearms.


She is the quiet waves

Rolling onto the shore,

Gently rustling the grass,

And covering the sand

With warmth.


She is the wind when

It gradually increases in speed.

She is the darkening waves,

Clear turquoise fading

Into steely navy.


She is the tsunami,

She is the hurricane,

Whipping through the ocean

And blowing the grass

From its roots.


She is the sharp whistling

In my ears.

Destructive, loud,

And dangerous,

She is a siren’s song,

The call of the ocean.


She is the swirling of the sands

And the burning in my eyes.

Destructive, merciless,

Splintered wood and shattered dreams.


Calm one moment

And enraged the next,


She is nature.


And I’ve never cared for the environment.

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