To be found

February 2, 2017

You see that I’m smiling but its not as it seems
Because I will only be happy in my wildest dreams
I wish I could hide from what lurks in the shadows
‘Cause right now my life is full of tears, frowns, and many lost battles

I am drowning in what seems like a pool of dejection
You can never run away from your own reflection
And the faster you run you get closer to reality
You start to feel like a distinction of morality
But what do you do when the mirror falls down?
Breaking to pieces as it hits the ground

Now you have nothing to hide behind
You need the courage you have yet to find
Because sorrow and hate play tricks on your mind
They hold you back from your dreams
Making everything harder than it seems
Instead of giving up, you try
Rebuilding the confidence your emotions have fried

The obstacles you face aren’t important
Only if your fight is never shortened
Your physical looks will go in the shade
But your internal beauty will never fade
Be proud you didn’t cut yourself with the broken glass
And know the worst has already passed

If you ever look in the mirror again, look with wide, open eyes
So if you don’t like what’s on the out, you can take a look inside.

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