February 2, 2017
By , Shawnee MIssion, KS

Aren't animals just the best thing in the world!! They are just so cute and adorable. Sure they are hard to handle,, but their glistening eyes all make up for it.  Sometimes I just don't understand though. So many people abuse and mistreat animals. What's that for, you are not going to get and award because you hurt an animal. Animals are the ones who are supposed to help you and comfort you. Even the animals that look ugly and mean on the outside, they are affectionate and playful on the inside. What do animals ever do to you anyway? Animals hurt when they are scared or harmed. Its called defense. Most People hurt you way more than any animal would, that's for sure. See Many people are mean and greedy, always trying to get what they want. Even the nicest people have had some harsh times. With animals, they can be born in little muddy huts forced to live there their whole life, but when a person comes to save that animal, they will forgive. Animals forgive unlike most humans. Every animal needs a home, and the ones that physically can't, they at least deserve to be treated kindly. No factories storing ten chickens in one cage. No taking whales from the ocean, not anything. Treat all animals like they are your family. You would not do anything to hurt them. Do you see why I like animals so much?

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