Visions of a Memory

February 2, 2017

Memoriess come rolling in ..
burned and burried for yearss ..
filled with such pridee to let a tear fall ..
shedding layerss of ache and pain ..
washing away unbearable hurt ..
gazing somewhere over the rainbow ..
feeling such depth of emotion ..
slowlyt discovering from deep within ..
a racing pulse as it sinkss in ..
a chaotic mindstate at a loss of what to do ..
missing the thought of youu ..
what's up . what's down . smilee or frown ..
left a shattered mind without a doubt ..
bleeding from inside out ..
trying to escape the realityy of it all ..
for time has come and gone ..
left at the lowest point to fall ..
dayy after dayy . time after time ..
i can't . i won't say good-byee ..
a piece of me forever captured in a photograph ..
hidden from the eye of sight ..
a smilee full of painful criess ..
haunting . as i close my eyess ..
shattering a chamber of the heart ..
collapsing . slowlyy falling apart ..
onlyy visions of youu . left waking in realityy ..
here . there . searching yet found no where ..
as the truth is all that's left to accept ..


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