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February 2, 2017
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I am from being diagnosed of  hearing loss at 21 months old.
I am from realizing after going to camp that I am not the only kid my age with a hearing loss.
I am from having small amount of friends. Nearly all from camp.

I am from waiting a year for that one  week of camp summer after summer .
I am from those joyful hugs and prolonged goodbyes that gives me the feeling of crying. 
From going home and remembering all of our crazy adventures and smirking.

I am from those tedious car rides up north year after year.
From watching the peaceful sunsets reflecting off the water.
I am from taking hundreds of nature pictures. Capturing the moments every year.

I am from finding my best friend at a summer camp two summers ago.
From having long conversations about life.
I am from realizing that it’s acceptable to have friends who live throughout the state.

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