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February 2, 2017
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I am a geek from the text in a calculus book,
with the need to ponder the problems that follow.
With a force that is not the change in a body’s momentum,
but rather more of a drive to understand.

I am a green house on Zimmers Xing, from the construction
and detailed design that came from one I see every day.
With two garage doors shut and doors locked,
even though unexpected faces never show up.

I am a baseball from “All Star Village,”
scraping over the green fence — making my way to the green on the other side.
With tears running down me before, and ink dried out on me now,
I serve a different purpose now than I did before.

I am the perspiration on my gloves from the intensity of a faced paced game,
dripping onto the cold surface being cut into - solidifying quicker than usual.
With many of my relatives in a thick, curly entity, working hard to run down the determined face
of what made them exist: refusing to lose in the heat of competition.

I am the stress and anxiety from the anticipation of a new challenge,
persistent in my effort in turning the stomach.
With a job done perfectly or horrendously, I do not care;
I will continue to be there.

I am Jon Snow, king of the north,
keeping family first and attempting to please my people.
With a death in my back pocket and battles won,
I still cannot comprehend my place in the future.

I am bright lights on a Friday night,
illuminating a brown speck flying through the air.
With high voltages pumping through my blinding LED’s,
I still failed to make “29” noticeable.

I am a cell in a living species,
immersed in my own affairs and only noticed for my work when a problem arises.
With a role mimicking millions of other ones,
I rarely overlook the importance I serve in the entire scheme.

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