Where I'm From

February 2, 2017
By , Hartland, WI

I’m from staring at the off white carpet with dry eyes until I find a face in the of shapes. From loving
the colors grey, brown and beige (The neutral colors are great sidekicks for bold and dull colors alike). And from eating pretzel sticks with ketchup, then Googling how to spell ketchup.

I’m from wondering what makes the crackling, non-alarm noises in my possessed alarm clock. From
thinking the deer in the woods are out to get me while I wait for the bus (My savior in the dark). And from laughing at the joke I heard my neighbor say, then being asking what I laughed at.

I’m from corny puns, dad jokes and preplanned scripts before entering conversation. From a 5’8”
brunette with brown eyes, but under average or ‘subpar’ at golf (Get it?). And from being perfect down to the last Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen, except for the perfect part.

I’m from self arguing until I’m flustered. From telling people that I curl (No not with weights, do I look
like I work out?). And from explaining to people that I don’t like chocolate, then explaining that, yes, it is possible to still be alive.

I’m from looking at my bright green-croc wearing self in Sixth  grade and giving my seal of approval.
From looking back on my rowdy Eighth grade self and feeling disappointed. (I thought I was pretty cool back then and that crocs were lame and so was the Sixth grade me.) And from looking forward now,  wondering if I’ll think I did as well as I think I’m doing now.

I’m from finding things to do in times of great boredom. From being very specific in the way I want
things to be. (I just know better than the other people.) And from trying something new, like experimenting with my future culinary masterpiece.

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