Where I'm From

February 2, 2017
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I am from HB Cafe and the pet store in Hartland with G-ma and G-pa,
salty, buttery popcorn filled sleepovers and the “Swan Princess”!
Nothing beats the time I spend with them!

From the coast of Italy and the Fjords of Norway—
Joe, Francis, Vivian, Emil, Elvira, Maxine and Dale...
dreams of travel to experience what my ancestors used to do.

I am from fields of turf, ice with blue lines and lanes in the pool;
arguments over Monopoly properties and strategic moves.
Three hours of games with family and friends I would repeat over and over.

From my favorite dog Kenzie getting spleen cancer...
Tears running down my face, banging my fists into my pillow, losing my best friend.
Like the light at the end of a tunnel, Maddie, my new puppy and best friend!

I am from laughter with friends until my cheeks tingle and my stomach cramps!
Playing sports, playstation, movies and many other activities.
Making memories that I will never forget.

From playing cards with my grandma to running errands for my parents,
volunteering at homeless shelters...
their smiles are contagious- impossible to fight the urge to smile back!

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