I am From

February 2, 2017

I am from cramped car rides,
five hours long to our cabin

I am from riding my mom’s short school bus,
to and from school teased about it

I am from Shinedown,
Played throughout the house

I am from living the same day everyday,
hoping the rut will change

I am from not possessing the confident enough to be myself,
so I acted like the other girls around me

I am from trying to be emo
and realizing that is not who I am

I am from deciding to be Amber,
not the basic girl my dad wants me to be

I am from dying my lion mane red,
and making it crispy and frizzy

I am from tight, black skinny jeans,
that were too loose around my waist

I am from learning math skills
that I will most likely never use

I am from having no idea what I want to do with my,
and running out of time

I am from my life,
and waiting patiently for my future

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