I am From

February 2, 2017

I am from sunshine on the beach,
from putting on tutus and tiaras to feel like a princess
and wearing my Heelies in the mall. 
I am from clean laundry that smells like freshly washed
and from pieces of sand and broken seashells
in between my toes,
the wind whistling whispering my name as it blows my hair
and the feeling of being sunkissed.

I am from mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving
and thick brown hair that takes 45 minutes to brush,
freckles over my nose and cheeks,
from traveling around the world
and living in Dubai with the feeling of being absolutely safe
I am from the
“don’t be so negative” and the “go play in traffic”
as well as “don’t talk to strangers,”
from plane rides that feel like you haven't slept in days
to the layovers in Frankfurt, and
from the salty water hitting my face.

I am from eating escargot and fried crickets
from going to new schools yearly.
I am from feeding sharks, jumping into waterfalls
and loving the world I was brought into.
I am from trying to surf and falling into the water that felt freezing.
I am from the family that laughs with tears down their face
And being the family that is.
The friends that make me feel safe,
and I am from sunshine on the beach,
from putting on prom dresses to feel like a princess.

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