Where I'm From

February 2, 2017

I am from fracturing my toe, from soccer and Wide feet.
I am from the greyish colored house.
I am from working at Papa John's with new friends, Hamilton High School and now Arrowhead High School.

I am from Scoring goals at Hamilton and moving schools, from moving houses on my birthday and graduating 8th grade and waking up early.
I am from being moderately skinny and moderately tall.
From disliking uttermost foods and running for the fun of it.

I am from the last name Holler.
I am from wasting money with friends, driving to beaches and malls.
I am from N Man, Nol and Dennis.

I am from hyperextending my knee.
I am from being told not to snapchat and drive, being told to drive safe, and being told to not do drugs.
From breaking five phones and a two story house.

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