Where I'm From

February 2, 2017
By 8maimai SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
8maimai SILVER, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I’m from motorcycle rides down country roads—
worries whipped away by the wind.
Carefree and jubilant…

From Misty’s muddy pawprints on the hardwood floors,
like a signature to say she was there.
Loved and remembered…

I’m from waking up to freshly picked raspberries—
and the sounds of my father’s booming voice echoing through the house,
“Get up Sleeping Beauty, daylight is burning!”

From watching, horrified, as a car pulverized Fawn’s fragile leg,
knowing we could not mend the damage.
Helpless and mournful…

I’m from afternoons exploring uncharted places—
hearing the dinner bell indicate the time to return home.
Untroubled and cheery…

From a phone call on a frigid afternoon while curled up with a book.
Discovering my beloved horse’s life will be dramatically shortened by a tumor.
Miserable and heartbroken.

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