Where I'm From

February 2, 2017

I was from love and happiness
(two important aspects of a childhood)
that lasted seven years...

I am from anger within my family and sadness
(two feelings that changed my life)
that is the same today...

I was from snuggles and hugs
(comfort, a four year old needs)
that changed to isolation...

I am from my love of singing and instruments,
(helping me cope with  the traumatic divorce and bullies)
key parts of who I am...

I was from bonfires and 1 a.m. nights
(friendship, family, and fun)
the best parts of childhood...

I am from tattoos, piercings, makeup... ways of expression
(who I am becoming)
the unique traits that make me better…

I was from laughter and joy
(just being a goofy little girl…)
to who I have become today…

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