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February 2, 2017
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I am from Hartland, Wisconsin
Tradition of excellence.
Once a rural, farming village, now a lively town. Activity from dusk till dawn.
Centered around a powerhouse high school.

I am from pedigree
Last name synonymous with Wisconsin.
Brown eyes and brown hair.  Gene as  
Family of strong willed men, stronger willed woman.

I am from football
Enamored from young.
Not a sport or hobby, a lifestyle.
Lessons learned, lessons taught. Selflessness. Respect. Discipline. Turning men into boys.

I am from film
Rated R movies in the theater, years too young.
Don Corleone and fictional mob bosses.
A galaxy far, far away...

I am from life lessons
“Don’t show respect when you aren’t being shown the same” -Dad
“There aren’t social classes, men can do the dishes too” -Grandpa
“Strike first, strike hard, show no mercy, sir”-Kobra Kai

I am from family
Three hours North, Grindl Lake in sight.
Late night/Early morning Monopoly, competition at it’s finest.
Family first.


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