February 6, 2017
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From the time I was five to the time I was nine,
I realized that life wasn't worth a dime.
Dimes rain down into cups of the poor;
Those dimes turn into a little bit more --
Enough for him to go to the liquor store
I try to reach out to the needy, those unsettled
But doors close, keeping me away;
Those suicide doors—for they will
Always stay; Closed from a better world

  Without the need of liquid death and variations
Of suicide; maybe this will keep him alive.
Rehab demolished the doors, but leaves one thing
Behind – a major key- something left in store.
He leaves the coke and bourbon alone, & makes
Himself a stable home. He married a woman that didn't
Care about his flaws, and with the comfortability of Love,
It all went wrong....

  At first, it was small—smoking marijuana and drinking
40's all day, alone. Going to work drunk and smelling like
A skunk – unanimously, he was chose to be dumped.
Jobless, his wife tried to care for him, working while
He drunk the liquid death and smoked the life- ending junk.
He was slowly walking towards the suicide doors.
Happily, he was prepared to embrace it, to endure
The pleasure of hiding within the drugs and alcohol.

   His family tried to contact, to impact, but it made no sense
To even try that. He was dying rapidly – mentally & physically;
His memory lacked – forgetting important dates – even his
Mother's birthday. Death was awaiting....

  Sending Sin to persuade, to cage, to turn him back into
The Insane. Devils whisper in his ear, telling him all the things
He wanted to hear. To forget about Life, Family, & His Wife.
They tried again and again to convince him, & finally, he decided
To leave one night; to enter the Suicide Doors....

   His disappearance sparked an awakening and realization
Within his family; for he hid it so well, they could barely tell.
It was so surprising and tragic, that he was an Addict.
Tears fill their eyes, souls broken down; now they wondered
Where he wandered around....

   Tears filled his eyes too, for he was so ashamed to walk
Away. He was able to fulminate against the devils, realizing
That he was pathetic, that if he left he would regret it.

  Everything around him constricted, pulsing; so bright
With Life. Smiling faces full of embracement; he soon
Understood that he had to change this. He needed his Family, his Wife, his Life – back from whatever was left....

   As they waited by the phone for him to come home,
They prayed, asking for Repentance of their obliviousness.
He opened the door to happiness and shock; for embracement
And tears were shared – he promised to them, to himself
That he would never consume the Death again. He had opened
And witnessed the Suicide Doors, & because of that, he opened
Another door full of Love, Hope, and Bright Light. He never
Wanted to experience Death again, for his entire, sober life....

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HereSheIsThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Apr. 29 at 2:13 pm
Nice repetition of the phrase "Suicide Doors", and your first few lines are especially captivating
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