Here I Am, Again

February 5, 2017
By lexikayser BRONZE, O\'Fallon, Missouri
lexikayser BRONZE, O\'Fallon, Missouri
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Here I am again

shackled to the tile

handcuffed to regret

and married to denial.


Here I am again

bandaged head to toe

hidden under cotton crypts

so no one has to know.


Here I am again

head between my knees

prayers to stars I'll never kiss

helpless to the breeze.


Here I am again

a frayed string clipped by fate

so far from where I began

that I've forgot my name.


Here I am again

at a table, on a bench

familiar faces unaware 

that this time, it's a trench.


Here I am again

sipping blood despite the drought

the only taste I had today 

was cotton-candied clouds.


Here I am again

3 months short of gold

two leaps forward, one mile backward

stabbing what I'm told.


Here I am again

and I almost hate to say

I can't outrun these voices

but I can let them decay.


For here I am again

battle painted cheeks

dressed in purple robes

and marching towards the feast.


Here I am again

believing there is more

believing I can find it if

I open the right drawer.


Here I am again

spilling ink like plumes are free,

hoping that I count as full if

bursting with empty.


Here I am again

none the wiser, not a clue

but pushing just in case 

the arms I'm reaching for are you.


Here I am again

rock bottom, some would say

but the top of the world is rock, as well

beneath the snowy banks.


Here I am again

making peace with all four walls

begging every symphony 

to let the sharp notes draw.


Here I am again

even when I want to leave

because I 






there might be good in me.

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