Affair of the Sky

February 5, 2017

When my sun crosses over
Leaving me in cold air, wind
Blows and turns my chin
Back up. Meet the crown of
My skull, a parallel line, the
Road and star ceiling,
Barrel, head, and shoulders.

Dipper, come down again
To meet my pale face and
Kiss the soft hairs warming
My brain. Unnatural warmth
Can be the only substitute
For my sun, and he
Left me. Burning night’s

Candle, levitate my way,
Moon, grab my palm,
Let me be warm. Internal
Searching to no avail,
A painful nuisance to
Deal with through night.
Hover over me large pearl

Guard me from all evil,
Beckon my sleep and
Eliminate discomfort from
My skin; cool, white skin
That only breathes in
Your presence until
My sun rises again.

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