Last Chance

February 5, 2017

It's likely
You won't
See this,
It's likely
You won't
Read it,
But on the
That you
Will: hello

I’d like to
Thank you
For your
For the
Time we’ve
It meant
Too much
To me, it
To see
You go.

So tell me,
How are you?
Did you really
Make it this
Far? Wow,
You've really
Grown up,
You're really
Getting big.
Last time I
Saw you
You were just
Learning to
Read, last
Time I saw
You you would
Have stopped
At “Dear,”
You already knew
Your name
Anyway, you
Don't need to
Read it,
You can already
Write it anyway,
You already know
It is there.
So tell me how
Life's treating
You. I may not be
There, but I'm listening.
I promise that I’m
Always close,
I promise that
I'm very proud.
So tell me, if you’ve
Read this far,
Tell me how
School is going.
How are your grades,
How are your friends?
I long to watch you smile again
I long to hear you laugh
I long to feel your head in my chest
I long to give you a bath.
It kills me that I'm not with you,
Don't you think that's ironic?
I know you think it's ironic
You always were very smart.

So tell me,
If you’ve read
This far,
How much do
You love the sun?
I took you
To it every
You gave me
A short-armed hug.
I long to have another
Hug with your arms
Around my waist,
I’d scoop you up and
Cuddle you,
Hold your heart close
To my face.
You used to listen
To my heart beat,
It's how you went to sleep
I miss the days, but I remember
Teaching you to count sheep.
Do you do that know?
How high do you count?
Does it take you longer
To fall asleep, now that
I’m underground?

Tell me, since you’ve
Read so long, how do
Your eyes take it? Your
Brain is so much clearer
Than mine, I would’ve
Stopped a mile ago.
Tell me, how do you
Know that it's all okay?
It's something I struggled
With all my life,
It's why I gave away.

It's hard to take back
What I did, though
I feel terribly sorry,
I'm terribly sorry for
Leaving you, I miss
You so terribly.
One day I’ll see you
Here, that is a terrible
Thing to say. I
Long to see your
Lively lips, I long
To braid your noodly
Hair, and I want to
Hold you in my arms.
I’ve grown cold
Without you.

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