The city

February 4, 2017

In the tall grey city, where colored lights blink and sirens blare, I can melt away into the chattering streams of people. Even in the nighttime the skyline is awake, cars buzzing through the streets and millions of glowing lamps turning the inky sky a washed out tan. In the winter, snow is turned grey with exhaust and sticks to the sidewalks like molasses. And the warm headlights of the cars melt it into a soupy mixture of dust and water, which seeps into my boots as I wade through the freezing city blocks. My skin is dry and pallid like the dirty brick buildings, my face overcast by the thin clouds that drift through the colorless sky above the towering skyscrapers. I cross the salt stained road, joining the masses of darkly clothed individuals scampering through the frigid air. We’re one living, breathing creature, the humans of this city. I’m merely a single atom. And I like it that way.

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