the rain

February 4, 2017
By , Plaquemine, LA

I dont remeber every detail.

I remember being at the house

The smell of smoke and rain lingering in the air. 

oh how he loved thr rain

The sound of kids playing and old swamp pop music

My grandpas house

We would go to eat supper, mostly because my mom sucked at cooking.

My 5 siblings, my mom, my step dad and I drove from Houma to Plaquemine  to go visit my grandpa.

When we got there my nanny and her 5 kids were alredy there waiting on us.

I was the second from being the youngest, maybe 8 years old at the time

We went to his house every weekend to eat and play with our cousins.

Its early afternoon and I remember the 10 kids I grew up with decided we they wanted to play some backyard baseball in the rain.

We raced down the stairs as fast as we possibly could, jumping off the side of the staircase to see who could get outside first.

Suddenly the sound of glass falling on the floor filled the air.

My cousin Andraye had broken the chandelier

I remember how calm my grandpa was about the situation. 

He just quietly got up from the back porch and cleaned up the broken glass

I also remember sitting next to him in the white wooden rocking chair that had used to be my grandmothers 

It was a peaceful moment

The moment I found out my grandpa had cancer.

He told me with a cigerette in his hand, watching the rain.

oh how he loved the rain

He told me and my mother with tears in his eyes that he will always be with us everytime it rained 

My family and I still live in his house.

Everytime I walk into the house, or everytime it rains I know he is by my side.

With me like rain on a cloudy day.

The most I remeber of him is him sitting on the back porch smoking and wathcing the rain.

oh how he loved the rain

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